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Go4d VR Space Ship

Go4d VR Space Ship

Go4d Virtual Reality DEMO. Experience the 3D VR SpaceShip. There are 10 health boxes that you can find.  Each health boxes will get you extra 30 seconds to explore around the spaceship.
So go collect the boxes before your time runs out! If you have a HMD, this is a very cool demo shows about VR. It’s a simple game that has you wandering around a futuristic science fction space outpost in search of geen health-box to extend your time.
You can look down your foot by moving your head look down and watch front to start walking. In oder to stop,also look down to stop and you can look around spaceship. After user cross over 8/10 boxe, it will say that the captain is ready to jump. Please go to down stairs and stand on one of potal lift. Soon next version will lead you to futristic City name “ALTIZEN.” The environment is detailed and fun to explore, even if this is opposes the main feature of the game. I’m not sure if this game has controller support, but for those that do not have controllers, it would be useful to toggle walking by looking at an icon directly below. Watching your foot to toggle activate walking or stop. Please use display panel higher than 1920×1080. Use the left circular button along with your head to move your player.  The button will allow you to move according to the direction of your head. This version does not support controller.


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