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Ethereal Legends Brings Turn Based RPG Gaming to VR and it’s Awesome!

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Ethereal Legends brigs back the time honored turn based RPG genre and it works really well in VR. This style of gaming is another that seemed to die off for many years, and I am so happy to see yet another old school type of gaming resurrected in VR. This is an early alpha build that is in a limited release for Steam users currently. I saw this posted today and just couldn’t wait to try it. The game play is solid, and the graphics look great using the Unreal Engine. The miniature scale translates really well into VR for this style of game. I can’t wait to play more and see this develop into a full title. If you can still get into the Alpha I highly recommend it. There is a sign up process, and as it is stated on the developers page not everyone will be able to get in. There is a pre-selection survey that will need to be filled out, and if you get a key you will not want to miss out on this one! You can sign up for the Alpha here: http://soverance.com/blog/ethereal-alpha-test/

* – Sorry for the incessant babbling and tripping over my own words during the video… Admittedly I was a bit excited to play this one as turn based RPG’s have always been one of my absolute favorite styles of gaming!

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