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Dirrogate – A 3D-360 VR novel (teaser)

Dirrogate – A 3D-360 VR novel (teaser)

Dirrogate - A 3D-360 VR novel (teaser)Based on the hard scif-fi novel “Memories with Maya”, the VR experience takes the story foward… 8 years into the future, when Dirrogates (Digital Surrogates) have evolved and so has the “Wizer” (visor+AI) that Dan has invented.

The ‘Wizer’ is like the Rift + Hololens combined with Google like deeplearning libraries embedded. Maya, Dans’s girlfriend has been digitally resurrected after her death.

This VR novel looks at the future of Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) going beyond simple LDRs… to relationships with resurrected loved ones.

The teaser is a sample of the visuals and story-line.

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