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D-DAY IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Out of Ammo #4 (HTC Vive Gameplay)

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Update 0.6 is live! Tanks, Normandy Map, Engineer Outposts and much more updates have been added to Out of Ammo.

‘RocketWerkz has added two new environments in this update, a Canyon level and a D-Day style Beach defense map. Both of these are very much Alpha and require testing and feedback. For now on the D-Day map the units arrive in boats from the sea, and the Canyon level has mortar teams that spawn like sniper teams. Note that on lower end machines the D-Day map will cause performance issues due to the sheer number of units that can spawn. You will also have to deal with tanks and new outposts that can be used by the medic and the engineer. Check the rest here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/outof…

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