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  Immerse yourself fully in this 3D/360 game with the VR headset (Google Cardboard, Fibrum, Dive, Homido, Zeiss One, Beenoculus, Colorcross, AirVR, …) and save desert city from terrorists. The rules of the game are easy. Look arround from your position to find terrorists. Aim for three seconds (close right eye for perfect aiming) and […]

Signals Snowball Fight

Signals Snowball Fight is a game designed for Google Cardboard. Each level starts with a time limit and when the timer ends, the level finishes. Earn points for hitting snowmen and presents and lose points by hitting penguins, Father Christmas’ sleigh, and by smashing windows! How many points can you score in the time limit? […]

Occupation VR

Apocalyptic action game. Virtual reality 1st/3rd person shooter with some elements of GTA and DayZ. Cryotech corporation started to unfreeze cryogenic people, but something went wrong… Save your girl and try to survive yourself here! The game has a Virtual reality mode (this can be enabled in game settings). Is has a Big open 3D World with a Day/Night cycle. […]