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Soundscape VR

Create music in a jam session with up to two other people by using an online matchmaking system. Soundscape VR lets you create electronic music in a futuristic environment. On huge screens you can add musical notes, change effects and influence the characteristics of one of three instruments. You can choose to do this alone […]


In Panopticon, it’s your job as the jailer to scan the cells and watch for illicit activities. Use your voice or a whistle to put a stop to it. Keep your eyes open! And welcome to Panopticon, a prison simulator. In this VR game you are the warden of a prison operated by a private […]

Daydream Blue

In Daydream Blue, you’ll go camping with your pet robot at a lake, where you’re constantly rewarded for curiosity. Skip rocks to make music at night, lay down (literally) on a raft by day to enjoy the clouds, or enjoy a simple game of fetch with your little robot buddy whose enthralled “beep-boo!” is hard […]


Immerse yourself in to the magnificence of the marine life. TheBluVR carriages you into a stunning VR experience that is interesting, fun and educational. By allowing you to live through the creatures in the ocean as they essentially supposed to live, untouched by humans and not artificial like in a zoo. The stunning 3D graphics […]