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Golf VR

Step on the first immersive 3D Golf course! GolfVR dives you in an immersive and pleasant environment where birds and water flow sounds will have a relaxing effect while you’re playing Golf. Only the wind on your hair is missing! You don’t need any golf skills to play this game, come and try our challenges or […]

Afterlife VR

Afterlife VR Binaural Dreamix by Mind Travel. Lift off from the earth and take an audio visual journey into the afterlife. As your spirit guides bring up to your next life you will experience several different realms of audio. DJ Ruthless has provided the tracks for this first of its kind audio odyssey. Experience the […]

Galaxy VR Cardboard Space FPS

A fully immersive VR simulator experience with good head tracking, compatible with these VR viewers: Google Cardboard (without magnet), Durovis Dive, Fibrum, Color Cross and most other generic HMDs. PLAY WITH A GAME CONTROLLER OR KEYBOARD A HID compliant USB/Bluetooth game controller ( or USB/Bluetooth keyboard ) is required for full play allowing you to […]

VR Alien Attack – Cardboard

Your city has been invaded by aliens in huge robots! From the street, you can see the devastation and feel the fear in the air. You can hear the aliens communicate as they scan the city. Are they watching you? Additional information Price € 1,13 Updated November 20, 2015 Size 96M Installs 10 – 50 […]

Gunfight Simulator VR

Only support mobile phones which are compatible with Google Cardboard.” 1. Joystick settings is shown as the picture above (support most of the similiar devices). Use “Left” thumbstick to move, press it to run. 2. For the comfort reason, you might need a “Hands Free Cardboard” like the picture shown above, but it’s not necessary. 3. Player has […]

VR Hunters

This is a free Delta version. update are on the way. Instructions: From the right distance, Aim your view at target for 2 seconds to catch. Use magnet to switch view 180 degrees. Good Luck! Additional information Price Free Updated October 24, 2015 Size 88M Installs 1,000 – 5,000 Current Version 1.01 Requires Android 2.3 […]

VR Rollercoaster Niagara PAID

VR Rollercoaster Niagara FREE is a completely free-to-play game virtual reality application, simulating the thrill of riding a fast and exhilarating real-life roller coaster, with virtually no limit on rail design and environment, provided by current gen realistic rendering and computing power of smartphone CPU & GPU. Providing wide range support of smartphone CPU & GPU […]

VR Space Station for Cardboard

Experience a cool and beautiful virtual world in 3D virtual reality right on your smartphone! This game is for Google Cardboard and other 3D mobile virtual reality headsets. Use your virtual reality headset to explore an amazing futuristic HD alien space station! Get ready to explore a cool virtual world in 3D virtual reality. Experience the real […]