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I have had an active interest in virtual reality since 2000. While attending The University of Florida I used to purchase a plethora of VR gear and mod games etc. I purchased an Oculus and have since kick started both the Sixense Stem and the Virtuix Omni. You can check out my video's on http://thewombatcave.kicks-ass.org.

Ark: Survival Evolved – VR Hype? Or the Real Dino Deal?

ROAAAARRR!!! Your eyes bolt open to blurred vision as an ear piercing barrage thunders the ground beneath you.  Instinctively you stammer clumsily backwards on all fours through loose sand, desperate to find any means of shelter to protect yourself from whatever beast could have possibly bellowed such a frightful sound.  Finally your back slams against […]

Cabela’s Top Shot Elite: Viable as a Computer Based Virtual Reality Gun Peripheral?

In 2010 Cabela released the Top Shot Elite gun peripheral for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii consoles.  For this review I will be using the Xbox 360 version.   It is essentially a full Xbox controller laid out into the shape of a gun. Most modern games on the PC now come pre configured with […]

Elite Dangerous: The Most Ambitious Gaming Development in History

As a child I was always fascinated with the idea of space exploration. In 1990 I spent hours shooting down hordes of Kilrathi, and saving the earth from destruction in Wing Commander. In the summer of 1993 Lucas Arts Entertainment released Star Wars: X-wing and set the standard for all subsequent space combat simulators. Lucas […]

Insurgent Shatter Reality: A Glimpse into the Future of VR Entertainment

Once in a blue moon, one stumbles upon a gem of a demo by mere happenstance, and finds him or herself clambering to retrieve their jaw from the floor in disbelief. Insurgent Shatter Reality is one of those gems. A mediocre book, raped and contorted by Hollywood into an all but tolerable movie, and a […]