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3DGallagaVR cardBoard

Spectacular graphics and impactful play! Realistic sound Rock music! while you enjoy the game. 1000% engrossing In limited time Destroy the suicide-commando enemies before they strike you. Add your personal best scores. Enjoy the galaga game in 3D VR. It’s a 3D galaga VR (CardBoard). It can also be set to nonVR mode for users without a VR device. The […]

Vertice One

The Virtual Reality Space Shooter is a fast paced shooting action game. Destroy the bad objects from outer space before they kill you. It’s a challenging and infinite gameplay for Google Cardboard, Fibrum, Durovis, Pinc, Homido, Beenoculus, Zeiss VR One, Archos, Poppy and all the other cool VR devices on the market.  The game has futuristic […]


Hit the falling glass cubes to pass the stages. Try to finish without leaving any unbroken glass cube. Try the 24-hour mode in which you can see how many glass cubes you’ve broke. The game is also availble in VR (gyroscope required)!  

Virtual Kaiju 3D

Have you ever felt the fury of the Kaiju? Have you ever felt like burning it all down to ashes? Now you can. Kaiju is a Japanese word that literally translates to “giant beast” (most famous Kaiju is Godzilla). Walk in the shoes of Kaiju and destroy the city… In 3d!!! A virtual reality mayhem. Hunt […]