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Crate Whacker2Do you hate crates? Or wood? Or just containers in general? Show them who’s boss by repeatedly smashing them with a mace and blowing them up with grenades. Combine this with the Oculus Rift to experience Crate Whacker in glorious 3D!

This is a demo designed to show off a Myo armband + VR experience.

  • Move your arm around to control your mace and SMASH crates.
  • Wave in to center your arm. You probably want to do this right at the start.
  • Fingers spread to activate grenade mode.
  • To throw grenades, hold your arm across your body and then fling it outward! As though you grabbed a grenade off your bandoleer and just chucked it down range.
  • Fist to get back into mace mode.
  • Move around with WASD.
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